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German Shepherd Helpline £5

Now you can support German Shepherd Helpline with their very  own dog bandana. Your dog looks super-cool in their bandana as well as  helping to raise awareness for this great cause.Some information about the aims and motivation of German Shepherd Helpline

Black print on an orange bandana.

Easy to wash in the machine and air-dry (do not dry over a radiator or in the tumble dryer). These dog bandanas come in 3 sizes to fit most dogs as they can be folded over easily before being tied at the neck.

Can be worn at the front, side or back of the dog’s neck depending on your dog’s shoulder width and how furry they are!

German Shepherd Helpline will receive over 20% of the cost of this bandana. Thank you for your support.

German Shepherd Helpline is a national charity aiming to educate and bring awareness to prevent cruelty and relieve the suffering of German Shepherd Dogs.

*****Wherever there is a German Shepherd suffering, the cause of that suffering can be traced back to a human. Whether it be as a  result of cruelty, neglect, abandonment, ignorance or accident; or whether it be through poor breeding, irresponsible breeding, over breeding, puppy mills or backyard breeding… the end result is that these magnificent dogs will suffer the painful and often fatal consequences. We at the German Shepherd Helpline do all we can to help these beautiful shepherds. Our remit is to save them from unnecessary suffering and provide medical, surgical rehabilitation to heal them and give them the quality of life that this incredible breed so deserves. We also fund behavioural and training. ******  

The German Shepherd Helpline was founded in the memory of Floyd, a GSD that was severely abused, neglected and abandoned on the streets to die alone.


The purpose of the charity is :

For the benefit of the public to relieve the suffering of German Shepherd Dogs by receiving reports of cruelty and assisting other authorities to bring about prosecutions where evidence of cruelty is proven.

We aim to assist the public with small grants for emergency veterinary care if they are experiencing difficulties with unexpected vet fees.

 We offer help, support and advice to owners or potential owners of all GSD's either online, by telephone or by our mobile trainers. There are no set fees for online or telephone assistance or for a personal visit from one of our trainers.

To educate and bring awareness to prevent cruelty.

We are not a rescue charity although, in exceptional cases, provisions may be made to remove a dog from a situation where it is likely to endure further suffering. We will take calls from anyone who needs to rehome a dog. These will be allocated to appropriate rescue centres.

The helpline is run by a dedicated number of volunteers who are actively involved with or own at least one GSD.
 Our aim is to get at least one trainer in every area. Who will help and assist with any problems. The initial visit is free of charge with just a donation towards the charity. Future visits will be determined by the trainer and client. We do help with fully funding clients who are in financial difficulty or at risk from losing their dog.

We are here to help and assist other like minded charities, and if need be, provide evidence which might help to secure a conviction in cruelty cases.

We currently have a Facebook page where we can either offer private advice or general open forum advice.

For further details please contact:

Brenda Jojic

Charity Founder

0800 772 0767



Charity registration number 1164869


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