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DALI Dog Rescue Cyprus £5

Now you can support Dog Rescue Cyprus with their very  own dog bandana. Your dog looks super-cool in their bandana as well as  helping to raise awareness for this great cause.Some information about the aims and motivation of Dog Rescue Cyprus

Black print on an orange bandana.

Easy to wash in the machine and air-dry (do not dry over a radiator or in the tumble dryer). These dog bandanas come in 3 sizes to fit most dogs as they can be folded over easily before being tied at the neck.

Can be worn at the front, side or back of the dog’s neck depending on your dog’s shoulder width and how furry they are!

Dog Rescue Cyprus will receive over 20% of the cost of this bandana. Thank you for your support.

D.O.G Rescue Cyprus (Dali Organized Group) has been in operation since November 2010. Our sole aim is of saving and re-homing the stray dogs of the Dali and Nisou municipality shelters in Cyprus. Municipality shelters can legally send dogs to the veterinary services to be killed if their family is not found or if no one adopts them. The estimated number of abandoned dogs in Cyprus is 170,000 per year. Estimated number of dogs killed every year by the veterinary services 20,000, most of them healthy dogs.

Through our amazing network of dog lovers abroad, in the last 6 years D.O.G Rescue Cyprus has saved and rehomed over 1,000 dogs in Cyprus and (mainly) abroad. We rehomed almost 400 dogs in the UK, Holland, Belgium and Germany in 2015 and plan to exceed this number in 2016. At any given time, there are 120-160 dogs under our care. We receive zero help from the government and municipalities. The legal framework on animal welfare in Cyprus, its weak enforcement and low sensitization of authorities on the issue, make change very slow.

In the meantime, lives need to be saved. Every month, we receive dozens of dumped puppies and abandoned mothers with new-borns that need special and often expensive care to survive. We operate ONLY with donations and your support will help us continue rescuing.

For more information visit our website:

or our Facebook page:


UK Charity registration number 1168941 and CY Registered as a Non Profit Company


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